Exploring Time

Heard of space-time? Yes, it is the dimensification of time (and yea dimensification is not a word, at least not yet). Now, this idea initially seems a bit synthetic. At least it did to me. It appears to be a mathematical model to just solve certain problems. That is it. I mean yea, theoretically it opens up the possibility of time travel (only one way though). But, still we have this notion of time as a river. It being continuous. Past affecting present (Let’s refrain ourselves and not talk about future).

We do not generally question this notion. I mean it’s one of the fundamentals on which physics is based on. Causality, that is, cause precedes effect. Seems legit does it not? But, that should not be the mere reason to accept. I am not asking to entirely drop the idea but here in this post I will try and explore another possible scenario. I will consider time as a complete dimension just like the space. Let’s see where we get with this idea.

Consider two pens lying on a table a meter apart. Note that they are independent of each other. That is to say, existence of one does not depend on another. One position in our physical world does not decide what is happening at another position. Yes, there is gravity and all other sorts of interactions between various objects. But then they are mutual. This about the two pens, both of them will experience the same pull.

And this where causality breaks down. If you consider time as a dimension analogous to space then it must offer similar circumstances. If it does then our model rather I must say notion of unidirectional time is incorrect. If that is the case then how do we visualize time?

History was not written when the wars were waged, wars were waged when we read history.

I sound funny eh? Guess we will find out. So, yesterday, there was an ATM theft committed in one of those SBI ATM’s. Now, Delhi police has caught an innocent man for the same. They say that the CCTV cameras recorded the man stealing, so he must be the one. Now, Delhi police appears to be outstandingly correct. But, hey, how can this be? There is got to be something. Indeed, apparently unaware of my enormously popular blog, inspector does not know that causality might not hold. He assumed that the guy is on the camera because he robbed the ATM. He assumed, that he is seeing that the guy stealing in camera because that is what they show. He assumes, that the event, “man in the tape” suggests that the hypothetical event, “man robber the ATM” are related by the time is a river notion. He assumes that the event, “TV showing footage emit light showing man robbing ATM” is implied by the event, “Light showing man robbing, enters his eyes”. But, these of course assumptions. Now, I consider myself a man of justice and I cannot stand conviction of a man based on assumptions. Can you?

Essence is,

Past as we know it is in fact in the present.

Food for thought: Now, that you know time is yet another dimension, can you change past? Can you live the future?