Let it out…

I don’t remember the exact text but, there is a sanskrit doha which can be interpreted as, “one should not control one’s urges.”
Of course you know that you should not control your urinal urges for long. But I am not talking about that, you already know that.

Often we hear about violent incidents involving drunk people. Well, ofcourse one tends to lose control when excessively drunk, but why out of all the things a drunk person gets involved in violence or any other activity which is not expected from that person?

People tend to bury the urges which are not in accordance with the society which we live in. But these urges and temptations, they don’t die. Whenever, a person experiences weak moments, we vehemently give vent to these urges.

So, one must let it all out whenever one get’s a chance in one way or other. One can get rid of these anxieties and urges by boxing a punch bag, shouting aloud, sprinting on the roads, playing mad music or having goosebumps… (goosebumps are my favorite. ) Or, you can just talk about them to a friend, someone who wont be embarrassed.

Find a way and just let it all out of your system. Life would be much better.. 🙂