I don’t know, I haven’t decided yet….

I’ve heard this statement a thousand times. But in my opinion, it does not take a more than a fraction of time to decide. You have made the decision as soon as you get to know that you gotta make the decision. Any time that you spend on “deciding” is not really deciding. All that you are doing is trying to figure out why was that decision made. At times u don’t even realize  that what decision you have made. So, some part of the time u spent “deciding” is understanding what exactly have you decided.

Next phase of decision making is justification. We try to justify our own decisions to us. We considers all aspects of various options and try to prove that the decision that was made is the best. People say that they are trying to decide by considering all the options but the truth is that the decision was made long ago.
At times this exercise of justification becomes so intense that we end up undertaking path b just to prove that the road not taken is better..
So, next time you encounter a two way, just walk… much easier.. 🙂


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